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Work better and faster with the Milwaukee power tools

Are you looking for tools which deliver great performance and durability? We have dozens of Milwaukee products in stock. Browse through our catalogue of devices, time-saving accessories and Milwaukee batteries. Choose your items, validate your cart and our team will dispatch your order to your address within 3 business days!

Milwaukee, a pioneering brand

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has been designing and manufacturing power tools for more than a century. In 1918, its engineers created the first lightweight portable drill. Ever since this first invention, the firm has never ceased to produce saws, drills and grinders using cutting-edge technology.
Thanks to the high quality of its appliances, Milwaukee is the leading brand in North America when it comes to supplying cordless devices to private and professional customers. It currently works with more than 5,500 employees and has its headquarters in Wisconsin.

Purchase the newest Milwaukee impact tools

Impact drivers and impact wrenches are among Milwaukee’s flagship products. These hand-held tools will make your life easier. Although they may look similar, each of them has a specific purpose.
An impact driver is used to drive fasteners inside surfaces like walls, ceilings and planks. It is not compatible with the shortest screws. Contrary to drills, impact drivers usually accept all ¼’’ hex driver bits.
The impact wrench tightens large nuts and bolts at a fast pace. It can also loosen them. This tool requires square bits and is more powerful than the impact driver.

The Milwaukee combo kit, a handy solution

Most construction and DIY projects involve a wide array of devices and accessories. Each task requires the use of a specific construction tool, and finding the right item can be time-consuming! That is why we sell combo kits with articles to fit all your requirements.
The 4-tool, 5-tool and 6-tool bundles include state-of-the-art Powerstate drills, drivers, angle drivers or circular saws. They are supplied with two batteries and a fast Milwaukee battery charger. The batteries can be used with all the tools in the kit, and the charger is compatible with any Milwaukee red lithium-ion 12v battery.
With a complete woodworking kit, you will have everything you need to: drill holes in tight places, create smooth surfaces, cut curves, make cuts in a straight line and trim boards.
We also have smaller bundles which include one tool (for instance an impact wrench body), two batteries, one charger unit and a tool bag.
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