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In our online shop, you will find a wide range of Bosch devices and power tool sets to help you complete your projects. Their reliable mechanics and top technology guarantee you the best results.

Our Bosch drills

There are several different Bosch drills in our catalogue. Here are some of them:
- impact drivers deliver a strong thrust which allow you to turn and drive big screws very easily into a wall or a ceiling;
- electrical hammer drills are used to bore holes in hard materials before renovating a wall, or simply before putting metal fasteners in it. Some of them are supplied with their carry case;
- combi drills are two-in-one tools which can drill holes in materials as well as drive screws into concrete, masonry or even steel. These convenient devices are a time-saving alternative to a more conventional drill.
Many combi drills, drill drivers and impact drivers are brushless. It means that they are equipped with a brushless motor which ensures longer battery runtimes and an excellent tool lifetime.

Our Bosch grinders and saws

Bosch angle grinders can either be cordless or corded. These rotary tools are ideal for sanding, polishing or cutting small metal sheets, metal bars, roof tiles, bricks and other materials. They are often used to remove small lumps on a concrete floor (by grinding them off).
Despite their small size and light weight, grinders possess a strong motor and enable you to achieve professional-grade results.
Bosch circular saws are designed for cutting timber or metal sheet with accute precision. Thanks to their disc-shaped blade, they guarantee a perfect clean cut.

Bosch, a key power tool manufacturer

Bosch was founded in Stuttgart at the end of the 19th century by Robert Boscher, an engineer. This German visionary aspired to create ground-breaking products such as magneto ignition devices, headlights and windshield wipers. He launched his very first power drill in 1932.
The firm has had to face many challenges over the years, and has striven to always stay one step ahead of its competitors. Nowadays, Bosch is a world leader when it comes to creating high-quality grinders, circular saws, professional drills and much more.
While the multinational company’s headquarters are in Germany, its stationary and portable tools have been meeting worldwide success for decades. Bosch’s British corporate office is currently located in Denham, Buckinghamshire.
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