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Makita : best-in-class products at a competitive price

If you are looking for professional quality, reliability and user-friendliness at an excellent price-quality ratio, then Makita power tools are a perfect choice. Check out our selection of specialist tools, carpentry tools, garden tools and drills. These corded and cordless devices offer outstanding performance with less vibration to pro landscapers as well as contractors.

More than 100 years of technological innovation

Makita Corporation is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of power tools. It was founded in Japan in the 1910s and now owns 10 factories in 8 countries including Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.
The Japanese firm began as a lighting equipment supplier. It started producing portable electric appliances in 1959 and introduced a series of innovative devices through the years.
Makita’s ground-breaking inventions include the first rechargeable drill in 1965, the first nickel cadmium battery construction tool in 1978 and the very first nickel hydride battery tool in 1997! The list goes on and on.

Great engineering features in every power tool

Did you know that Makita pioneered the very first 18v lithium-ion tool in 2005? Their famous LXT fast-charging battery system is compatible with hundreds of appliances. It optimizes speed, power and efficiency even in extreme temperatures.
The Makita 18v LXT product range includes impact wrenches, metal saws, vacuum cleaners and much more. During the charging process, their slide-style battery remains cool and ventilated thanks to a small built-in fan.
Another distinctive characteristic is the brushless motor included in some Makita combi drills, angle grinders or rotary hammers. By eliminating carbon brushes, this electronically-controlled engine runs cooler, delivers increased power and has a longer life than a conventional motor!

Our Makita Accessories

Once you have selected your portable tool, feel free to browse our catalogue of accessories and to choose your Makita drill set.
We can supply you with titanium-coated high-speed drills, nut drivers, masonry drills, steel holesaws, dry diamond cores (for granite) and many more. Our 100-piece kits are supplied with a bubble level and a sturdy case which keeps bits safe from rust or corrosion on your building site.
The Makita series also comprises jigsaw blades, grinding discs for your angle grinder and ultra-thin blades for your circular saw.
Are you seeking for an all-in-one product? Choose a Makita combi kit. This ready-to-use set includes a rotary hammer, a combi drill, a compact charger, two batteries and a carry bag.
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