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All the newest Hikoki products are here

In this section of our shop, we stock all our Hikoki corded and cordless tools as well as workwear, accessories and storage solutions. All these articles reflect the expertise of the prestigious Japanese firm.

Our selection of Hikoki mains corded tools

Hikoki was founded in Japan more than 70 years ago. Originally called Hitachi Koki, this power tools manufacturer is famous for its focus on technological innovations and for the reliability of its products.
Every Hikoki device has a distinctive compact design, which allows its users to hold it for an extended period of time without feeling tired.
If you want power tools who run continuously during your heavy-duty tasks, choose Hikoki’s corded appliances. This range includes demolition hammers, hammer drills and grinders.
Corded angle grinders can be bought individually or in twin packs. Each set contains tools with two different disc sizes, which can cut dense materials such as wood, concrete or metal. Hikoki grinders are available in various voltages.

The Hikoki nailer : a must-have power tool

The Hikoki nail gun is an indispensable tool for your woodwork set. This cordless device will save you a lot of time during your roofing, flooring and wood-framing projects. It can fire up to 700 nails per charge if you pair it with a 5Ah battery.
First-fix nailers (or framing nailers) are used to hammer nails in areas that are not destined to be visible. The main difference between a framing nailer and a second-fix nail gun (or finish nailer) is that it uses bigger nails.
Our Hikoki 1st-fix nailer is supplied with 18v 5Ah batteries, a charger, a stackable carry case as well as a pair of safety glasses.

Order your brushless Hikoki tools here

Many of the Hikoki tools in our catalogue feature a brushless motor, which operates without any carbon brush or rotor coil. It does not need wearing parts because it is electronically commutated. Therefore, the machine requires almost no maintenance.
Brushless hand-held tools have more efficiency and are lighter than regular appliances, because their motor has a higher power-to-weight ratio. They also make less noise are less susceptible to heat.
One of the most high-end products in our catalogue is the Hikoki brushless 36v router. It is the world’s very first cordless 1/2’’ router ! This flat-base power tool is used to hollow out areas in wood. Its lightweight facilitates on-site placement and handling. – (Not currently stocking)
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