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This Cookie Policy sets out how cookies are used on websites operated by CBS Power Tools Ltd.

Our websites use cookies (small text files which are stored on your computer) to store information.

Cookies are used by many websites and are not harmful to your system.

You can alter the way your web browser handles cookies using the settings on your browser.

To find out more information about cookies and how to manage and delete them please visit

Please note that, if you set your browser preferences to block all cookies, you may not be able to access all or some areas of our websites and much of the functionality will be reduced.

Our websites use three types of cookies :

  1. Mandatory cookies that ensure the functioning of the site.

  2. Functional cookies that are used to remember your browsing preferences.

  3. Advertising cookies.

How we use cookies.

  • To enable our websites to function as designed.

  • To store your settings and preferences for our websites.

  • To optimise your browsing experience.

  • To personalise content and services.

  • To track how you use our websites.

  • To analyse traffic.

  • For advertising and marketing purposes.

Data we collect using cookies.

  • Details of products you are ordering or have previously ordered.

  • Details of products you have viewed or have previously viewed.

  • Details of pages you have viewed or have previously viewed.

  • Your settings and preferences for our websites.

  • Information about how you use our websites.

We may also use third party services or software to provide anonymous statistical information about visitors to our websites.

For further information about the data we store please see our Privacy Policy.

Last Revised: 25th May 2018

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