Makita Drill Bits

Makita B-47416 6.5 X 260mm SDS Drill BitMakita B-47416 6.5 X 260mm SDS Drill Bit
£ 9.19
Makita P-23385 Wood 16mm Flat BitMakita P-23385 Wood 16mm Flat Bit.
£ 3.50
Makita P-23400 Wood 22mm Flat BitMakita P-23400 Wood 22mm Flat Bit
£ 3.79
Makita P-23416 Wood 25mm Flat BitMakita P-23416 Wood 25mm Flat Bit.
£ 4.08
Makita P-23422 Wood 32mm Flat BitMakita P-23422 Wood 32mm Flat Bit
£ 6.72
Makita P-26141 7mm x 150mm Percussion Drill BitMakita P-26141 7mm x 150mm Percussion Drill Bit
£ 2.14
Makita P-30237 Wood 12mm Flat BitMakita P-30237 Wood 12mm Flat Bit
£ 3.10
Makita P-30243 Performance 20mm Flat BitMakita P-30243 Performance 20mm Flat Bit
£ 3.79
Makita Performance Masonry TCT Drill Bit 1-Pack P-26135Pack of 1 150mm performance TCT drill bits for masonry.
£ 1.44
Makita SDS-Plus Drill and Chisel Set 10-Piece D-21191Set of 10 SDS-plus drill and chisel bits in an aluminium case.
£ 25.95
Makita SDS-Plus Drill Bit Set 17-Piece D-21200Set of 17 SDS-plus drill bits in a storage case with foam inserts.
£ 27.95
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