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Enhance your productivity with our accessories

Do you want to save time and to find all your accessories in just a few minutes ? Order all your workwear, grinding discs and multi-tool blades from one place : the CBS Power Tools online shop. We have a great choice of products to help you achieve the best result possible.

Choose your drill bit from dozens of articles

There are several criteria that should be taken into account in order to find the perfect drill bit : the material you are working with, the type of hole you want to drill (for example a blind hole), its depth of and its size. Most drill bits have a diameter between 1.5 and 9 millimetres.
You might need different drill bits for your projects. Drill bit sets include bits of various sizes. They are ideal for switching quickly from one drill to another while working. In our catalogue, you will find many bundles, from the small 18-piece drill set box to the 101-piece drill and bit set.
Are you looking for a product to drill into fibreglass, porcelain or cast-iron surfaces? Choose a diamond drill. They are designed to bore holes in hard materials without any perimeter scratches.

Select the best hand tools

Even if you own state-of-the-art power tools, you will always need some simple hand tools! That is why we sell screwdrivers, framing hammers and club hammers at the best value for money.
Our range of cutting tools include sharp knives, cutting pliers, bolt croppers, hacksaws and snap knives. These articles are reliable and will last decades, thanks to their top-quality materials.
Measuring tools are key to impeccable wood work, construction work or DIY project. Milwaukee makes ergonomic magnetic tape measures, while Ryobi produces compact spirit level and cross-line lasers. With these, you can measure a wall (or a room) and ensure that a piece of furniture is level.

Optimize the storage of your power tools

When it comes to DIY, woodwork and construction work, storage is extremely important. Indeed, tidy tools are easier to find and will remain protected from use much longer than misplaced objects.
Toolbags are convenient because they are light and inexpensive. Carry cases cost a little more, but are sturdier than bags. As for worksite vault, they are a must-have article if you want to secure heavy equipment from bad weather, dust and thieves.
You can store all your accessories with your tools in your van vault, your carry case or your bag. If you use bulky items such as large circular saw blades, make sure your tool-bag is big enough for them!
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