Patio Cleaner Accessories

Ryobi OPC1800 Patio cleaner accessories
Ryobi Artificial Turf Sweeping Brush RAC823 for RY18PCBArtificial turf sweeping brush for the RY18PCB Patio Cleaner
£ 19.95
Ryobi Debris Sweeper Brushes 2 Piece RAKDSB02Set of 2 replacement brushes for the Ryobi Debris Sweeper
£ 34.95
Ryobi EZClean Power Washer 3-in-1 Nozzle RAC771Rinsing nozzle for the RY18PW22A Power Washer
£ 11.95
Ryobi EZ-Clean Power Washer Extension Siphoning Kit RAC769Extension siphoning kit for the RY18PW22A Power Washer
£ 19.95
Ryobi EZ-Clean Power Washer Extension Wand RAC768Extension pole for the RY18PW22A Power Washer
£ 19.95
Ryobi EZClean Power Washer Misting Kit RAC754Misting kit for the RY18PW22A EZClean power washer
£ 34.95
Ryobi EZClean Power Washer Multi Purpose Brush RAC750Multipurpose soft-bristled cleaning brush
£ 9.95
Ryobi EZClean Power Washer Rinsing Nozzle RAC765EZClean Rinsing Nozzle for the RY18PW22A Power Washer
£ 12.95
Ryobi Foam Washer Detergent 1 Litre RAC732Bottle of foam washer detergent compatible with Ryobi power washers and patio cleaners
£ 9.95
Ryobi Gentle Nylon Patio Cleaner Brush RAC818Gentle nylon brush compatible with the RY18PCA patio cleaner. Ideal for use on soft stone, like sandstone.
£ 11.95
Ryobi Hard Nylon Scrubber Brush RAKSCRUBHHard bristle brush for ONE+ Scrubbers (R18CPS, R18TPS).
£ 12.95
Ryobi Scouring Brush for RY18PCB Patio Cleaner RAC825Scouring brush for the RY18PCB Patio Cleaner
£ 20.95
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