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Drill Bits (Wood)

Irwin 8 Piece Auger & Flat Bit Set IRW10507593Irwin 8 Piece Blue Groove Auger & Flat Bit Set IRW10507593
£ 27.95
Makita P-23385 Wood 16mm Flat BitMakita P-23385 Wood 16mm Flat Bit.
£ 2.76
Makita P-23400 Wood 22mm Flat BitMakita P-23400 Wood 22mm Flat Bit
£ 3.00
Makita P-23416 Wood 25mm Flat BitMakita P-23416 Wood 25mm Flat Bit.
£ 3.24
Makita P-23422 Wood 32mm Flat BitMakita P-23422 Wood 32mm Flat Bit
£ 5.40
Makita P-30237 Wood 12mm Flat BitMakita P-30237 Wood 12mm Flat Bit
£ 2.40
Milwaukee 48136769 SHOCKWAVE Impact Wood Auger Bit (29x460mm)IAD 29x540mm SHOCKWAVE™ impact wood auger bit (1-pack)
£ 98.95
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